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Virpi Mäkinen

Mikko Ketola
Reformaation juhlavuoden vietto Suomessa vuonna 1967

How Was the Reformation Jubilee Celebrated in Finland in 1967? — This article analyses the festivities that surrounded the 450th Jubilee of the Reformation in Finland in 1967. The focus is primarily on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and the steps the Church took to commemorate the Reformation in ways that could resonate with both the lay members and the clergy. On the other hand, the focus is on the academic community, especially the Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki. The article is based on sources documenting the actions of the various actors and parties in the run-up to the Jubilee events at the end of 1967. Contemporary newspapers and periodicals have been sourced in order to convey the atmosphere and attitudes surrounding the event.
Matti Myllykoski
Reformaatio, väkivalta ja omatunto: Jean Calvinin ja Sebastian Castellion kirjallinen sota vuodelta 1554

Reformation, Violence and Conscience: The Literary War between Jean Calvin and Sebastian Castellio in 1554 — The burning of Miguel Servetus at the stake in October 1553 by the Geneva City Council sparked a literary debate about heresy and freedom of conscience among Christians. Jean Calvin, eager to defend the burning of Servetus, published his Defensio orthodoxae fidei in spring 1554. At the same time, a former co-worker of Calvin named Sebastian Castellio wrote his De haereticis, an sint persequendi, an appeal for religious freedom among Christians. After reading Calvin’s book, Castellio wrote his manuscript Contra labellum Calvini, which was not printed until 1612. This article explores the arguments presented in these writings and puts the literary war in its contemporary perspective.
Jorma Hannikainen
Dominikaanisen kirkkolaulun piirteet gregoriaanisissa sävelmissä Turun hiippakunnassa reformaatioajalla

Influence of Dominican Chant on the Melodies of Gregorian Chant in the Diocese of Turku in the Reformation Era — The chant tradition of the Order of Preachers was established in the 13th century. The complete liturgy of Humbert of Romans was the prototype for the Dominican liturgy. Dominican chant is a dialect of the Latin liturgical chant repertoire popularly known as Gregorian chant. In the late Middle Ages, the liturgy of the Diocese of Turku was strongly influenced by the Dominicans. The features of Dominican chant continued to influence liturgical chant melodies up to the period where Latin and vernacular chant were used in parallel after the Reformation. The Medieval manuscripts remained in use, and their melodies were copied into new vernacular and Latin manuscripts. Musical changes happened slowly and at different times in different areas. The Germanic influence is only noticeable in a small part of the Finnish sources of chant, especially in sequences and the Ordinary of the Mass. Manuscript copies of Dominican antiphons and hymns for Divine Offices in Latin were still being made as late as in the 17th century.
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Raisa Maria Toivo
Pitkä reformaatio ja monet reformaatiot

Anneli Portman
Reformaation jäljet nyky-Suomessa

Esko M. Laine
”Oi terve tänne tultuas”: Välitilinpäätös reformaation muistovuodesta kolmelta vuosisadalta


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