Heta Hurskainen
Pekka Metso
Ykseyden edellytykset ja rajat: Suomen evankelis-luterilaisen ja Suomen ortodoksisen kirkon lausunnot Kirkko: Yhteistä näkyä kohti -asiakirjasta

Unity and Its Limits in the Responses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and the Finnish Orthodox Church to the Statement The Church: Towards a Common Vision — In this article, we analyse the responses of the Finnish Lutheran and Orthodox churches to the WCC statement The Church: Towards a Common Vision (2013) from the perspective of unity. We show, firstly, that a certain kind of unconscious reconciliation can be discerned from either response; secondly, that the Lutheran Church is more open to a creative rethinking of its doctrinal tradition for the sake of unity than the Orthodox Church, which prefers identifying elements of its own tradition in those of other churches. Thirdly, we show that the response by the Finnish Lutheran Church reflects an intention of being a globally influential Lutheran church, while the Finnish Orthodox response concerns itself more with a local context.
Aila Mielikäinen
Pienoisevankeliumi Raamatun suomentamisen pienoismallina

Finnish Translations of John 3:16 — John 3:16, ‘the Gospel in a nutshell’, is perhaps the best-known single verse in the New Testament and is considered to contain the core of the gospel. The verse has often been quoted in several languages as an independent text and interpreted separated from its larger context. This article examines how the Finnish translations of the verse have changed over time, from the 16th to the 21st century. The oldest translations clearly bear marks of influence from foreign languages, especially from Swedish and German, while the 20th-century translations have taken into account the syntactic and linguistic changes that have taken place in the standard language. Archaic words have been replaced by newer ones, though some translations have retained old-fashioned expressions of ‘Biblical language’. The complex structure of the verse has been preserved as a single sentence in all the translations studied here, but its content has sometimes been modified in ways that alienate it from the original Greek text.
Hanna Salomäki
Äänestysaktiivisuuden muutokset seurakuntavaaleissa 2000-luvulla

Changes in Voter Turnout in the Parochial Elections of the Finnish Lutheran Church — This article discusses patterns of changes in voter turnout in the parochial election of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland from the year 2000 onwards. The focus here is on regional differences in voter turnout, the changes in the voting behaviour of young voters and the shifts in reasons given for voting or abstaining. The research data used in this article comprise voting registries and post-election surveys (2006, 2010, 2014). The study shows that voter turnout was at its highest in small parishes in which voter turnout is also high during national elections. In more populous urban parishes, voter turnout remained generally very low, especially among young voters. Attitudes towards voting have changed, as young voters tend not to consider voting a civil responsibility, unlike older generations. The most significant reasons given for abstaining were that voting in parochial elections was not a regular habit and that the voters were unaware of the candidates’ platforms.
Katsauksia ja keskustelua
Esko M. Laine

In memoriam Juha Seppo 1939–2018: ”Uskonto ei ole yksilöiden huuhaa-puuhaa”
Paavo Kettunen
Pastoraaliteologia ja pastoraalipsykologia tutkimusaloina

Peppi Sievers
Pastoraalipsykologian puolustus Itä-Suomesta: Kommenttipuheenvuoro Auli Vähäkankaalle

Vesa Kanniainen
Kun teologia kohtaa taloustieteen: Dialogia piispan kanssa

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